Week 2

A fight!

[ Week 2 ]

The PCs arrive in Thorsburg and get paid moneyyy.  While drinking their troubles away they remember they left the prisoners tied up in the wagons and a lively manhunt ensues.  After getting things under control they head to bed.  Awakened in the middle of the night by fire and steel the PCs rush forth to do battle!

[ Box Text 1 ]

Another life taken, another week.  You're drinking with your companions, sans Lily and Tamelot.  The former is in her room, the later made some bad excuse about wanting some alone time away from civiliztion.  HeinReich is about halfway under the table.  The 15g payed to you for your troubles is going a long way to easing the stress, no one is talking about the fight.  Gus enters with an older women who looks somehow familiar and they head towards you table.  "My aunt Gertrine, priestess and mayor of Thornsburg.  "interiem mayor" she adds, "Thornsburg has been struggeling of late.  Most of the trade routes in this part of the world had been kept open by my brother, Gus's father.  After he passed things have been a bit slow, that and a bad fishing season and we're struggeling to pay for grain.  —player comments— I'm happy you're helping my nephew, I'll leave you to your night, one of your travelling companions wanted to talk to me at the chapel.

[ Box Text 2 ]
You jolt awake, you have a headache and do not wa— AHHHHHH -- That was a scream, not a good one, coming to your senses you smell burning thatch.  GET UP yells Tamelot, already putting his boots on.

Flickering flames are starting to intrude through that windows of the inn.  Tamelot is the first one through the door, the grain tower next door is ablaze and slouching figures as in the street, one turns faster than the rest and smiles at you with teeth filed to dagger points.  You've heard of these Skaldiir, death worshipping northern barbarians.  Smoke hands low, longships anchored in the harbour pour forth raiders.  Roll initiative.

You 4, protect the wagons!  Thokk come with me to the temple, my aunt is there!


Booomzilla Booomzilla

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