Week 6

There were some ghoulish… ghouls.  A sword was found.  The party did some walking and/or horse riding.  They had some fun on the road and ended up back in Elgim where they made plans for next week…

Week 5

The adventures entered Elgim and made contact with the merchant Maynard.  He agreed to help outfit them with supplies to take back to Thornsburg.  After an uneventful night they set off north.

A few days into their journey they spotted a low flying dragon and despite a small amount of panic nothing much came of that.

After passing through Doder they came upon a sacked wagon and followed a trail of blood to a camp of goblins in the abandoned ruins of a fort.  A quick and efficient slaughter of the vermin occurred and now the heros are exploring what is left of the camp.

Week 4
Zeppe arrives!

[Week 4]

The dawn breaks suddenly forcing you back to your senses.  You have been trying to save the town for hours now, the survivors are eitehr huddled in a make shift camp behind you or working trying to put out the remaining fires.  YOu estimate about half the town burned, probably close to a fifth of the twonfolk dead or taken, more without your intervention.  Skaldiir raids had been a thing of legend.  What could have provoked this?  You may never know.

You see gertrine as she heads towards you.  She motions you awayy from the crowd to your other 6 companions, Gustobel and Thokk conspicuously absent.  "I cannot thank you enough for being here.  I know it was hard but I don't…" She catches herself "I… Thank you.  We need to rebuild we need to be strong.  I know you were only here for the pay but if I could impress upon you to help us.  We need to resupply on grain and rebuild half the town.  The money we have will have to go towards buying supplies from Elgim but if you would help us the wagons and horses are yours, it's all I can offer, please."  Lily steps forwards "I will do everything in my power to help you!"  We all will , she looks back at you, Heinriech and Tamelot step forward with some hesitation.  What do the rest of you do.

-————————-Trade system intro——————————

((You should take a moments to read the blurb about the trade system before next session.))  You now have 3 wagons and 6 horses.  You have the ability to do what you want but your super helpful NPCs are going to try to rebuild Thornsburg before anything else.  The city resources are mostly depleted but their coffer is open if you can bring them the supplies to rebuild.

You can recruit additional NPCs to help you run your caravan.  Start with the 3 you were travelling with.  Gertrine will remain in Thornsburg but will heal you or NPCs who visit free of charge.
Start with 3 wagons with 6 horses to move with them.

General idea of the trade system will be that you can make some consistent money moving between cities and towns and as you add more routes your income goes up.  Individule towns only generate a set amount of demand so to increase your income you will have to add more towns (goal for that is week 4).  
You can hire additional non-combat drivers or guards, I'll try to do mechanics for that for week 5.
City -> City trade will not be capped on resources per week but will have smaller margines with the exception of supply and demand mechanics I'm going to try to build for week 6.

My intention is that the majority of income will come from trade, player interaction will mostly be opening new routes by clearing threats or negotiating passage.

-————————-Box Text -————————-

After having collected herself Gertrine is all business.  Right, we should be formal about this.  The wagons and horses were property of Gus' father, she takes a moment.  If you help us rebuild they are yours but I hope you will continue to visit us, even in simpler times the general store was always poorly stocked.  There is a merchant in Elgim by the name of Maynard who is an old, friend, of the family.  He owes some money to us and I can write you a letter of introduction.  He will provide the food and supplies we need and if you do choose to keep the wagons may be a valuable contact.

Your group reached Doder and encountered Zeppe, Seppe's long lost brother, who you hired as a guard without much fuss.  Doder did not mess with you nor you with it and after another uneventful week on the road Elgim looms before you.


Week 3
The battle continues

[Week 3]

The battle continues!  With Darkale wounded and your adventuring companions scattered things had started to look grim when Seppe managed to rally and fell the last of your opposition.  As you collected yourselves you noticed more foul invaders corralling innocent townsfolk towards their ships and certain doom.  In a bold display of heroism Artemis lead captained the charge to the docks where you engaged in glorious combat!  Despite bold intervention the barbarian ship managed to slip away and as the evil doers departed one struck a mortal blow against Seppe, his still form falling into the black water below.  There was no time to mourn as the flames that still gripped the town called you away and as morning comes you wonder what will happen next.

Week 2
A fight!

[ Week 2 ]

The PCs arrive in Thorsburg and get paid moneyyy.  While drinking their troubles away they remember they left the prisoners tied up in the wagons and a lively manhunt ensues.  After getting things under control they head to bed.  Awakened in the middle of the night by fire and steel the PCs rush forth to do battle!

[ Box Text 1 ]

Another life taken, another week.  You're drinking with your companions, sans Lily and Tamelot.  The former is in her room, the later made some bad excuse about wanting some alone time away from civiliztion.  HeinReich is about halfway under the table.  The 15g payed to you for your troubles is going a long way to easing the stress, no one is talking about the fight.  Gus enters with an older women who looks somehow familiar and they head towards you table.  "My aunt Gertrine, priestess and mayor of Thornsburg.  "interiem mayor" she adds, "Thornsburg has been struggeling of late.  Most of the trade routes in this part of the world had been kept open by my brother, Gus's father.  After he passed things have been a bit slow, that and a bad fishing season and we're struggeling to pay for grain.  —player comments— I'm happy you're helping my nephew, I'll leave you to your night, one of your travelling companions wanted to talk to me at the chapel.

[ Box Text 2 ]
You jolt awake, you have a headache and do not wa— AHHHHHH -- That was a scream, not a good one, coming to your senses you smell burning thatch.  GET UP yells Tamelot, already putting his boots on.

Flickering flames are starting to intrude through that windows of the inn.  Tamelot is the first one through the door, the grain tower next door is ablaze and slouching figures as in the street, one turns faster than the rest and smiles at you with teeth filed to dagger points.  You've heard of these Skaldiir, death worshipping northern barbarians.  Smoke hands low, longships anchored in the harbour pour forth raiders.  Roll initiative.

You 4, protect the wagons!  Thokk come with me to the temple, my aunt is there!

Week 1
4 adventures walk into an inn

[ Week 1 ]

The story started in a run down inn, as it should.  The PCs were hired to guard a caravan going north from Elgim to Thornsburg, passing through Doder.  The PCs were ambushed just north of Doder, Killed and captured some bandits and we ended just as they got to Thornsburg.

[ Box Text 1 ]
You awake to a single beam of light peering in though the hostels sole window, stretching across the cracked flooring to land firmly on your face.  Cursing your luck at having picked the unlucky bunk near the window you lurch to your feet.  You carefully maneuver through snoring bodies too poor to afford a bed to the front door, to be greeted by the full force of the sun.  From behind you there is swearing.  You duck out the door before someone throws a boot at you to relieve yourself in the shared outhouse.  How did you get to this point?  It was suppose to be gold and glory, slain dragons and rescued maidens, not the 15 copper lodging at the ironically named Caravaneers Bounty.  Maybe today will be different, maybe fortune will come calling in the form of an easy route and easy gold, maybe fate herself will come down from the heavens and warm your bed, maybe not.  You head back inside to get your belongings.

It wasn't always like this.  The morning bitterness has faded into noon acceptance.  The near cities, three trading partners spread east to west across the remains of the empire, used to offer promise to ones such as yourself.  Now the dungeons have been plundered and the dragons have been slain, if you want battle you would have to contend with the hordes of orcs to the east, leave that to the army.  The southern remains of the empire and the glory it once had have been picked clean by scavengers, maybe that's where the bandits that lead to your semi-gainful employ keep coming from.  

You look around the room, an old, for your line of work, and ugly, even by those same standards wanderer sits by himself.  Two youngsters sit talking by the window, an eager eyed boy not more than 17, in cloth, he'll learn soon enough, hopefully, trying to woo a girl in chain that you wonder how she could afford.  Good luck with that, he'll need all his magic charms to get anything from the paladin of saint Agrias.
Who else is there…
[ player introductions ]

The front door opens, and two figures enter.  A human male and a half orc, both mid 20s.  Your eyes latch onto the goleden necklace the boy is wearing and you mark his fine clothes as quickly as you do arsenal strapped to the bodyguard behind him.  Perhaps fortune smiles at last.

They walk to the bar, the man with a sense of purpose, the orc looking around with a scowl.  The orcs eyes lock to yours as he glances around the room appraising the clientele, after a few words with the innkeeper and a tossed coin the man does the same.  After a few words to the orc bodyguard they  head to a corner table, before sitting he announces to the room.  "I'm looking for drivers and guards to Thrornsburg and back, 4 weeks employment with the possibility of future work.  75 silver a week, plus rations, with an extra 100 at the end of the trip.  Make a line if you're interested."  Not the most thrilling of opportunities but it sure beats this place.

[ Box Text 2 ]

A few uneventful days pass on the road.  1 day short of Doder you're making camp for the evening and take a moment to reflect.  A week ago you were wondering where your next job was coming from.  Now a reasonably safe route even if the pay sucks with passable companions.

Gustobel, your employer.  Your initial impression of him as a bit of a dandy has given way to grudging respect for knowledge of the area and its trade routes which he is happy enough to share.  The nights when he strikes up a tune with his lute are a good way to kill the boredom and he happily takes his turn at watch, something not many captains will do.

Then there is Thokk the half orc guard.  Strong and thick he at least stayed loyal to Gustobel when their other guards headed back west.  Not the most thrilling companion, he tends to keep to himself does his job and not much else.  Still the notched greatsword he carries give you some sense of ease if there is any trouble.

Lily, the paladin of saint Agrias from the west past Dragonsgate and the dwarven kingdoms.  Pious and unrelenting.  The small girl has an impressive spirit and while you're not quite sure how she fell into the caravan route you are glad to have another source of some spiritul magic around, here is hoping you wont need to see if she can actually use the longsowrd she carries.

Heinfreid, hard one to place, you're not quite sure why he made the cut but he's friendly with an easy joking manner.  Has some magical talent but not as much as some of the others, and the card games he is so fond of in the evenings are almost as entertaining as the interactions between him and Lily.

Tamelot, the ranger.  Gruff but experienced, with a southern accent and the potential for dwarf blood that you aren't quite sure how to ask about.  Carries a few blades and a long bow.  Doesn't banter much but has a sharp eye for mistakes, still he never seems too upset when they are made, just corrects you or one of the others in a strangely comforting manner.

[ Box Text 3 ]
The next day you crest the hill before Doder, small and ramshackle town of about 1000 souls that only seems to exist as a stopover at the crossroads between Elgim, Millstream and Thornsburg.  The plan is to stop here and resupply, while Gustobel takes care of some business.  After 6 long days you'll be happy for the rest.

The inn is worn down but warm and hopefully the ale will be palatable.  A group of unsavory looking local hunters give you eyes as you enter but go back to their conversation soon enough.  (Jules)

[ Box Text 4 ]

Roll perception DC 20.

Leaving Doder with a headache you thank the gods for the clouds that are out today.  The first few hours passes uneventfully when 

[fail] suddenly an arrow takes Thokk in the shoulder and another banks off Lilys armor. each PC takes 1 flatfooted shot for 1d6 damage  Roll initiative.  All 6 archers are in range 0.

Well shit, these were the hunters from Doder weren't they, lets not go back there.  —Pause— On to Thornsburg I guess, I'll need to think about this.

[ Box Text 5 ]

The camp is quite that night.  Roll wisdom checks, act in order.  Heinfried has been pissing for about 20 minutes now.. maybe someone should check on him.

[ Box Text 6 ]

Sunday Morning, Thornsburg.  It should not have been this hard, you will have to talk to Gus about danger pay… Right now what you need is a cold beer and a warm bed, maybe someone to warm it.  Approximately 1000 people live here, most involved in the fish and lumber trades.  Salt comes in, salted cod and mackerel and salmon go out, along with planks of pine.  About that beer…


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