So, survey is in, time is currently 6:10pm.

First, thank you for completing the survey and for your interest!  Average interest was 88% (whatever that means).

Second, an aside, if anyone would like to add someone who you think would contribute to the game feel free.

Back to the survey.  Skill based systems won out by 1% but considering the over-arching plot and theme I want to go for and the ease of rules access I will be going with pathfinder core only by default™.  I feel it would be unfair to not allow people that REALLY want something outside the classics to have it.  I had a set of house rules that I like that will follow..

The theme will be classic RP, you will be encouraged to explain how you are checking for traps and conversing with rulers, that being said I expect you to roleplay the skills you take on your character sheet, if you have no points in diplomacy yada yada..

The plot will be a cross land caravan based macro with an (intentionally) trope heavy micro, dungeons and (if you upset me) dragons.  The overarching idea is to build a trading empire and I may include some sort of birthright-like minigame attached to that, however, most of your week to week activities will be dealing with threats to your budding company in a more traditional role.

Ok, house rules, fractions, how do they work.

DnD and pathfinder use whole numbers, I like math.  Things like base attack and saves sorta conform to fractions but round down and drop the remainder, makes multiclassing hard.

HP is max at lvl 1, half after, keep track of fractions, round down.

Saves are 1/2 or 1/3rd per level keep fractions, round down. instead of the extra  +2s at 1st level everyone gets 1 to all at character level 1 and we go from there, monks gain an extra +1 will at class level 1. 

Not using hero points.

I will house rule raise dead and wish if we get high enough.

Base stats for players, villains and henchmen are 15,14,13,11,10,9

Base stats for hirelings and commoners are 12,12,11,10,9,9

Starting characters are level 2 with the exception of money, since I want to create a sense of poverty you will have level 1 starting gold + 100g.

Erata: Traits are now included, including racial traits.  Story feats and flaws I want to review but 95% of them will be fine.

Additional non-core races will be included after some discussion.  Orcs, Cat people (Khajit for lack of a less trademarked term), and the northern barbarians known as the Scaldiir.

Orcs have less than the usual stigma associated with them in fantasy games, they have a more built up but still semi nomadic culture and live in the east.  They are viewed with fear and mistrust but not the attack on sight reaction in most fantasy settings.

Khajit come from the south across a sea and the ruins of the older empire.  If you are building one with a backstory, AJ, taking a circular route through the gnomish area to the south east is also an option.

The Scaldiir are humans with the dual talent trait giving them 2 +2 ability scores but no bonus feat or skill.  They come from the north western sea and are viewed with fear and hatred.

Back to the central (to the campaign) area, known as the free cities is where the game will start.  Other humans view you as independent and materialistic.

Humans and Halflings from the north east are less civilized but peaceful.  They are viewed as uncultured and simple.  They share the use of Eastern Common as a language.

Humans to the south are part of a crumbling empire known as Sarn.  They had a caste system which is breaking down and are viewed as elitist.  They had a language a few hundred years ago which is being used less as a spoken language but is still very prevalent in historical works.  They speak fluent eastern common by default but not knowing Southern will cause those that do to view you as less cultured.

Humans to the west speak their own language.  That area is going through a religious upheaval and characters from there have access to the pious trait.  Eastern common is still spoken by 70%~ of the people to some degree.  They view most outsiders with pity.

Dragonsgate is a small but powerful city state situated between the eastern and western areas.  Characters from here are encouraged to start with both Eastern and Western Common.

A mountain range to the south west blocks overland trade between the southern and western kingdoms, most trade between them takes place through the southern sea, also referred to as the Teal Sea.

There will be a gnomish group to the south east but I have not yet decided on their culture.


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